About Hardwall Structures, Inc.

Hardwall Structures Inc was incorporated in 2000. Our focus is tilt-up panel design & shop drawings. The background of our president, Mike Cyrulinski, dates back to 1973.

Having extensive experience in all phases of tilt-up construction, including having been a tilt-up contractor, there is an understanding of the process both in the field & the approval process that surpasses the experience level of a drafting or engineering background. Our experience allows us to analyze potential "constructability issues" as well as "life safety" issues relative to panel erection, prior to start of construction & making changes to correct these issues. Knowing the cost implications of those issues is also an important part of the process.
There is more to panel shops than duplicating what is shown in the contract documents. In our experience, most architects and engineers welcome feedback on panel design provided it is presented in a timely & professional manner & actually improves the product without changing the architectural or structural intent of the structure.

Our goal is to provide a set of drawings to the field that allows panel construction & coordination with other building elements to proceed without delay when the time comes.

The end result is that challenges for field personnel are reduced, allowing them to concentrate on construction & schedule elements of the job, which is actually the way it is supposed to be in order to provide a quality product in a timely & cost effective manner.